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The Canadian Arctic is home to myriad natural colourful floral arrays contrasting the barren High Arctic tundra. Quiz yourself on the regional flowers with these multiple-choice trivia questions.

1. What is the official territorial flower for Nunavut, which is one of the first plants to bloom in spring? 

a) Purple Saxifrage b) Arctic Snow flower c) Arctic Rose d) Orange Sunshine 

Purple Saxifrage

2. Of the 300 species of wildflowers found in the Arctic tundra biome, which of the following is considered a medicinal plant? 

a) Rhododendron b) Rhodiola c) Rain Lily d) Rose of Sharon 

3. The Tufted Saxifrage reaches the height of 10 cm; the white flower blooms in mid‐late July. This plant was once recognized for its medicinal properties for treatment of what? 

a) Bladder stones b) Kidney stones c) Ulcers d) Enemia 

4. Marsh Marigolds have bright yellow flowers resembling buttercups. Which one of the following is not another name for this flower? 

a) Water dragon b) Kingcup c) Cowslip d) Golden butter 

5. A dandelion is a perennial which grows in the Canadian Arctic Tundra. Which one of the following is not a health benefit of the wildflower? 

a) Increasing immunity b) Regulating blood sugar c) Reducing cholesterol d) Providing antioxidants 

6. The Arctic Poppy is a rugged, rare endemic, perennial plant species. The flower consists of four vibrant yellow petals that turns its face to follow the sun, which classifies it as what? 

a) an allotrope b) a hemitrope c) a heliotrope d) a misanthrope 

7. Pasque flowers are quite common in the Arctic Tundra where what also resides? 

a) hares b) wolves c) foxes d) frogs 

Arctic Poppy

8. In what year did the work on flowering plants of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago become part of a Panarctic Flora initiative which involves all countries of the Arctic territories? 

a) 1998 b) 2004 c) 2010 d) 2016 

9. Arctic Cotton Grass is one of the most important plants in the Inuit culture which blooms in mid‐summer in more swampy areas. It is ideal as what application? 

a) Ear insulator b) Absorbent applicator c) Candle / lamp wicks d) Cigarette filters 

Arctic Cotton

10.What is the Yukon Territory’s official floral emblem? 

a) Arctic Draba b) Fireweed c) Arctic Parraya d) Mountain Avens 


  1. a) Purple Saxifrage 
  2. b) Rhodiola 
  3. a) Bladder stones 
  4. d) Golden butter 
  5. a) increasing immunity 
  6. c) a heliotrope 
  7. d) frogs 
  8. a) 1998 
  9. c) candle / lamp wicks 
  10. b) Fireweed 
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