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Pub at 1016 Mile marker of Alaska Highway.
Pub at 1016 Mile marker of Alaska Highway. © Alan Luke

Fabulous freshwater lakes and myriad majestic mountains dot the Canadian Arctic region. Test your knowledge of the resplendent northern scenery and natural vistas that are home to a rich tapestry of culture and history with these trivia questions.

  1. Mount Logan is Canada’s highest mountain at an elevation of 5,959 m (19,551 ft). It is located within which one of our National Parks.
    a) Sirmilik National Park (NU)
    b) Aulavik National Park (NT)
    c) Kluane National Park (YT)
    d) Wapsuk National Park (MB)
    2. What is the largest lake entirely within Canada; the fourth largest in North America and the seventh largest in the world?
    a) Big Cedar Lake
    b) Big Quill Lake
    c) Great Slave Lake
    d) Great Bear Lake
    3. Nunavut’s largest lake is listed in Canada’s top 10. What is the name of this 14,354 sq. km. (5,542 sq. mi.) lake?
    a) Nettilling
    b) Nipigon
    c) Nonacho
    d) Nipissing
    4. Match the annual Arctic festival to the city / town hosting it:
    a) Toonik Tyme Festival
    b) Cabin Fever Music Festival
    c) Adaka Cultural Festival
    d) Thaw di Gras Spring Carnival
    e) Beluga Jamboree
    A) Tuktoyaktuk, NT
    B) Dawson City, YT
    C) Whitehorse, YT
    D) Inuvik, NT
    E) Iqaluit, NU
    5. Actually a series of sand dunes created by glaciation, this one square mile area is often recognized as the world’s smallest “desert,” located outside of which Arctic town?
    a) Champagne, YT
    b) Carcross, YT
    c) Cape Dorset, NU
    d) Colville Lake, NT

6. Churchill, Manitoba, is recognized as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”. These “Lords of the Arctic” may be viewed during a tundra buggy excursion along the south western Hudson Bay. What is the most acute sense of this apex predator?
a) Smell
b) Hearing
c) Sight
d) Taste
7. Churchill and its environs are home to more than 60 per cent of the world’s 20,000-plus polar bear population. The Royal Canadian Mint has depicted the polar bear on various coin denominations over the years. In what year did this apex predator first appear on the “toonie” ($2 coin)?
a) 1996
b) 2000
c) 2004
d) 2009
8. In Dawson City, Yukon, there is a “writers block” in the northern section of town. Which one of the following prolific Canadian writers did not reside on this corner?
a) Pierre Berton
b) Jack London
c) Robert Service
d) Stephen Leacock
9. Constructed during World War II, the Alaskan Highway (aka ALCAN Hwy) stretches 2,232 km. Dawson Creek is the southern terminus; what is the northern terminus of this famous route?
a) Juneau
b) Fairbanks
c) Delta Junction
d) Haines Junction
10. Eldorado Creek was previously named Bonanza Creek when the “Discovery Claim” initiated the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896. Before this, the tributary of the Klondike River was named after what animal at the time of the prospectors’ find?
a) Badger Creek
b) Rabbit Creek
c) Beaver Creek
d) Deer Creek


  1. c) Kluane National Park (YT)
  2. d) Great Bear Lake (NT)
  3. a) Nettilling
  4. a) E; b) D; c) C; d) B; e) A
  5. b) Carcross, YT (formerly Caribou Crossing)
  6. a) Smell
  7. a) 1996
  8. d) Stephen Leacock
  9. c) Delta Junction
  10. b) Rabbit Creek
Discovery Claim sign
Discovery Claim sign. © Alan Luke
Polar Bear sniffs out a friendly face
Polar Bear sniffs out a friendly face. © Alan Luke
Yukon landscape with Mt. Logan inset.
Yukon landscape with Mt. Logan inset. © Jacquie Durand
VIAAlan G. Luke
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