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NWT Diamond Centre – Showcasing the Canadian diamond industry

The Northwest Territories Diamond Centre is located in Yellowknife at 5105 49th Street in the heart of the city. It serves thousands of visitors each year, many tourists from around the world, and includes diamonds from the best sources in the world. © Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd.

Proudly located in the heart of Yellowknife, the Northwest Territories Diamond Centre has 3,000 square feet dedicated to showcasing the wonders of the Canadian diamond industry – the history, the mines, and, of course, the beautiful diamonds that were unearthed in the Canadian North billions of years ago.

The Centre opened its doors in 2012 with the sole purpose of celebrating the Canadian diamond industry. It features a live diamond polishing exhibit, information on the diamond mines, and one of the largest selections of Canadian diamonds in the country. The product ranges from the most exquisite bridal designs for celebrating engagements and life’s beautiful moments to gift ideas with Canadian diamonds set in silver designed to commemorate Canada’s breathtaking Northern terrain. Each polished diamond has a unique number inscribed on the diamond girdle with a maple leaf to celebrate its Canadian origin. The Canadian diamond jewellery is available to purchase on-site.

The Diavik Diamond Mine offers tours of the mine. © Photo courtesy Rio Tinto Diamonds

The Centre welcomes approximately 20,000 tourists a year from around the world. On busy days, there are more than 100 visitors in the store at once. Many tourists come to Yellowknife to visit the spectacular Northern Lights and stop by the Centre to say hello to the friendly staff (who speak over five languages!), watch a diamond being polished live or purchase a Canadian diamond to commemorate their Northern experience.

The Centre was built by Crossworks Manufacturing, a family-owned diamond manufacturing company and part of the HRA Group of Companies. A second-generation Canadian company, Crossworks is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has diamond polishing factories in Yellowknife and Ontario. Although it also has operations all over the world, Crossworks is known as the premium source of Canadian diamonds in the world. The Canadian mines are committed to best practices surrounding environmental impact and ensure that everything possible is done to leave the smallest environmental footprint.

Uri Ariel, President of Crossworks Manufacturing, says, “As a Canadian company, we want to promote and highlight the Canadian diamond industry. We want to provide Canadians and Northerners the opportunity to purchase a diamond that originates from our country.

We want visitors and tourists to learn about our beautiful country, our industry and the wonderful benefit and jobs it brings to our communities.”

The Centre is also the northern most Forevermark store in the world. Forevermark, a brand launched by miner De Beers, stands for beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. All Forevermark diamonds are tracked from mine to finger and sourced from the world’s most premier mines, dedicated to benefiting the communities that surround them.

A definite must-see for all local Yellowknifers and tourists, the NWT Diamond Centre and Crossworks Manufacturing have dedicated years of resources and service to promote the Canadian diamond industry around the world to ensure its sustainability. The Centre proudly sources its diamond product from Canadian origins and takes great pride in servicing the needs of Canadians and visitors alike. Stop by seven days a week to say hello!

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