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Clyde River

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Essential experiences include:
• Immersing yourself in stunning scenery and wildlife with expert local guides who will share a millennium of accumulated history
• Scaling world-famous climbing cliffs for the very experienced mountain climbers
• Experiencing ancient Inuit culture and visiting local elders at the Piqqusilirivvik Inuit Cultural School
• Experiencing the world’s most northern helicopter skiing as you explore the Arctic Cordillera range of Baffin Island – the most dramatic mountains in the Arctic icefields with tumbling glaciers, deep fjords and the world’s tallest sheer granite walls. See polar bears and other Arctic wildlife, discover Clyde River’s vibrant Inuit culture, and enjoy gourmet meals prepared by a private chef. To discover more about what to expect, visit www.weberarctic.com/adventures/details/heli-ski-baffin-island-7-days

Located on the eastern coast of Baffin Island, Clyde River, Nunavut, has become known for both preservation of Inuit culture and the majestic cliffs of the many fiords and mountains in the area.

There is a special magic in the air around Clyde River. Its Inuktitut name, Kangiqtugaapik, meaning ‘nice little inlet,’ belies its stunning beauty and its importance to Inuit for nearly 2,000 years. Here is where Inuit and Norse Vikings had first contact around 1000 AD, long before the British explorers and the whalers arrived. Here you will find a mystical beauty in a wonderful, abundant land. You can travel with local guides deep in the fiords and soak in the majesty of the peaks.

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