Pangnirtung, also known as Pangniqtuuq in Inuktitut, which means “the land of the bull caribou,” is a community that is truly one of a kind. Referred to as the “Switzerland of the North,” it is located along the Cumberland Sound on the northeast side of Baffin Island. The community is nestled between a beautiful mountain range featuring an incredibly picturesque fiord.

Essential places to visit are:
Auyuittuq National ParkKekerten Territorial ParkPisuktinu Tunngavik Territorial Park  CampgroundThe Uqqurmiut Centre

The Inuit have been occupying the area of Pangnirtung for over 4,000 years. While using their ancient knowledge of hunting on the land and sea for survival, they also demonstrate resilience during the milder temperatures of the summer to harsh conditions in the winter, which can reach a wind chill of -60 degrees. With the well-known hospitality of the Inuit people, they established contact with Scottish whalers in the 19th century and built a relationship between themselves and Europeans through harvesting sea mammals. Along with Pangnirtung’s rich history and tradition, there are a lot of exciting activities to do all year round in town and out on the land, such as hiking through the National parks, climbing Mount Thor, cross-country skiing and dogsledding. The Inuit way of life can also be enjoyed by taking a guided tour with experienced outfitters. With the plethora of activities and cultural traditions, Pang, has become a favourite destination amongst the adventurous travelling community. You can also visit the local art scene that boasts intricate woven tapestries and their famous lithographic prints, a tradition kept alive by local artists in the community.

Check out their unique style of headwear, the “Pang” hat. No matter where you go around Nunavut, it is recognized for its signature appearance.

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