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Alicia Aragutak of Umiujaq, Nunavik, president of the newly formed Nunavik Youth Forum, during its first meeting at Makivik Corporation’s Montreal office, September 2015. © Makivik Corporation/Teevi Mackay

Nunavik Youth forum: A new beginning for the Youth of Nunavik! With a full new board of motivated youth, we are ready to get the ball rolling!

Nunavik Youth Forum’s new mission statement:

“To represent the Nunavik Inuit Youth and provide them with opportunities and knowledge so that their quality of life improves, they empower themselves and that they realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders. The Inuit culture, language and identity shall be at the heart of the mission of the Nunavik Youth Forum.”

This shows how much work and difference this new body wants to create within our region.

Currently, Nunavik Youth Forum has prioritized to reach out to the youth in the region.

We are planning five-day coastal consultations within Nunavik to hear what the youth have to say. This phase is really important for us because, from these consultations, we plan to initiate priorities for programs and to also represent the youth in the several seats we hold within different major organizations. We would like to ensure our full, accurate representation of the youth in Nunavik and beyond.

We’ve been creating links to our communities through the board and social media. We are grateful for the mass of support we’ve received since this entity was created, especially from Makivik. I am also very excited to start working with the National Inuit Youth Council; we are happy to be linked with the rest of Inuit Nunangat. Hats off to all the great work you’ve done for your youth.

There is a great thirst for knowledge in our region and I am sure when I say that, I speak on behalf of all the regions in the North. I encourage youngsters to take the time to see who your community representatives are. Keep yourselves informed of their mandates and what their current issues and topics are. It is you who will take on these roles and responsibilities in the coming days.

On behalf of the Nunavik Youth Forum, we would like to once again show our appreciation to those who have taken the time to support the youth in your communities. Invest in the youth; they hold the future in the coming generations.


Alicia Aragutak
President, Nunavik Youth Forum

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