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Lost soul’s relative found

Forensic Artist Diana Trepkov with the finished 2D drawing and 3D clay facial reconstruction of skull #2. The remains were identified as John Gregory, an engineer aboard HMS Erebus. One of his relatives has been found! © Lindsay Reid

For readers who have been following the story of the ill‐fated Franklin Expedition and the facial reconstruction articles of victims from the 1845 voyage above&beyond Magazine has published over the years, we provide an update. 

Originally published in the MarchApril2017 issue of above&beyond Magazine, Forensic Artist Diana Trepkov described how she created facial reconstructions based on some of the bones found from the remains to aid researchers in their quest to discover the identities of the lost souls. 

One of the facial reconstructions was part of a multi‐year search for a possible relative for remains identified as John Gregory, an engineer aboard HMS Erebus. DNA analysis and genea logical research has confirmed that Jonathan Gregory (Joe) from South Africa is the great‐great‐great‐grandson of the ship’s engineer. 

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