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New Indigenous exhibit opens


The Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec, unveils its new Canadian History Hall July 1, which includes exhibits on Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

The Rossy Family Gallery draws on archaeological evidence and Indigenous cultural traditions, based on oral histories passed down by Elders, to depict the arrival of the Inuit to Canada’s Arctic about 800 years ago and their thriving societies. A variety of art from the Dorset peoples, polar bear effigies of all sizes, and faces of the dead, are also in the collection. Collaboration with Inuit elders and the Arctic Bay community guided the creation of the exhibit.

In the Fredrik Eaton Family Gallery, depicting Colonial Canada from 1763 to 1914, the arrival of Europeans eventually disrupts the Indigenous order in North America, with natives and newcomers both striving to maintain traditional ways while adapting to new realities.

The Honourable Hilary M. Weston and W. Galen Weston Gallery shows Modern Canada from 1914 to the present including the struggle by Indigenous peoples for their rights and the preservation of their cultures to be recognized and respected.

To find out more, visit historymuseum.ca.

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