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Evaluating new kimberlite targets underway



Arctic Star Exploration Corp. has received preliminary results from Phase 1 of its Airborne Geophysical survey on the Diagras Joint Venture project, located 30 kilometres northeast of the Diavik diamond mine. Phase 1 coverage includes the areas hosting the Sequoia kimberlite complex as well as the new diamondiferous Birch kimberlite discovery. Preliminary data has revealed several drill targets of high interest that have geophysical signatures consistent with known kimberlites on the property. Phase 1 has also provided high-definition data coverage over an additional 11 previously discovered kimberlites and surrounding areas. 

Phase 2, expected to be completed in March 2022, will complete the airborne survey on the Diagras property, concurrent with ground geophysical crews checking the targets from Phase 1. 

This will be followed by drill testing in April and May for additional new kimberlite discoveries. 

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