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Inuit Night in the City


July/August 2011

Although the calendar indicated it was June 10, so technically still spring, the weather was fine. Better than fine… the evening was warm, the skies crystal clear. A typical summer’s night in the Capital actually, perfect for gathering up family and friends and hitting the streets for a stress-relieving bout of entertainment at week’s end. Westfest in Ottawa was a “picture perfect” night under the stars for wowing all who attended; a night that embraced the world-class talents of some of Canada’s finest northern artists.

Westfest’s Qaggiq showcase of Inuit performing arts, sponsored by First Air, The Airline of the North, transcended the broad, always evolving scope of northern music and stage arts genres. Audiences were entertained with drum dancing, hip-hop, throat-singing, spine-tingling hard rock vocals, and daring, colourful dance performances. It was a memorable night of amazing Inuit, solo and group performance art: EXOTICA. A night truly above&beyond.

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