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Reconstruction of Iconic Cathedral


Anglican parishioners and the community of Iqaluit were left devastated in 2005, when fire destroyed their iconic place of worship, St. Jude’s Anglican Cathedral. The Cathedral was not only a loss locally. It was also home to the Anglican Diocese of the Arctic, serving all of the North.

Everyone immediately pitched in to raise the funds needed to rebuild their unique igloo-shaped church. The entire community and local business rallied assisting with major monetary or services donations. Donations and support flooded in from across the North, from across Canada, and around the world successfully raising a portion of the estimated $6.5M required to rebuild.

St. Jude’s cathedral after the fire in June, 2006.

Construction is being handled by Nunavut Construction and Triodetic Inc. First Air provided discounted 767 freight services to ensure an expedient build this summer. As well, to date, over $400 thousand has been raised locally by the St. Jude’s Re-Building Committee in Iqaluit.

“We are hoping to have the Cathedral ready for Christmas services in 2011.” — local Fundraising Chair, Edward Picco

Now well underway, an additional $2.8 million will be needed this (summer construction season) to complete the job and the community is anxiously anticipating the addition of their beloved Cathedral’s new steeple, hopefully in 2011. Donations may be sent to: St. Jude’s Fundraising Committee, P.O. Box 57, Iqaluit, NU XOA OHO. For more information from the Diocese visit: www.arcticnet.org/~igloocathedral/.

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